The most awaited CALAGUAS trip


A peaceful sea and sky at Calaguas (c)Chie Oliveros

Calaguas is a group of islands in the northern Bicolandia, Camarines Norte. When talking about Calaguas, most people are referring to Tinaga Island where Mahabang Buhangin is located, the best beach in Calaguas. Mahabang Buhangin is undeniably one of the best beaches in the Philippines.gin

The beauty:
Calaguas is an open sea, meaning waves may be calm at times but can be as high as a two-storey building, which explains the danger of going there. Aside from that, we have to stuck our butts on our seats for 10 hours just to reach it, but all these we braved just to see this majestic creation.


An eagle shot of Mahabang Buhan

The next boracay. True to its name, Mahabang Buhangin is a long stretch of powdery white sand which can be compared to that of Boracay.

As the moon rises, beats from various artists signal the start of the party. Those who doesn’t love the disco lights, like us, fill our heart’s content by watching the bright stars while lying on the ground.

The beast:

There’s no designated port in Mahabang Buhangin, so boats are lined in front of the resorts. This destroys the beauty of the place. At the same time they are blocking the swimming area.


Mahabang buhangin used to be a secluded area. But because of its popularity,  lots of resorts and cottages are popping up, parties are everywhere, and trashes are on the shoreline.
imageEverything has a price. We went trekking to see a different view of the island but in order to see it we have to pay two entrance fees. Some islands have entrance fee too.

Amidst it all, Calaguas is still enchantingly beautiful.

To Do’s

Beach bumming. Pick your sexiest swimsuit and show some flesh. It is summer so go show them what you’ve got.

Snorkeling. Bring your own snorkeling gear and see the beauty under the water.


under the sea

Trekking. Go up to hill to witness the beauty of the cove in a different perspective. There are two trails to follow which are far apart but connected, I suggest taking the closer trail


A view of the cove when off-season (c) Liezel Carlobos


Morning trek. (c)Chie Oliveros

Swimming. The clearness of the water is so inviting that you’ll swim all day. Though it is salty, it doesn’t hurt to open your eyes under the water. For a non-swimmer like me, I find comfort floating and learning to swim in the waters of Calaguas.

Island hopping. Explore the beauty of the islands of Calaguas. Jump into the open waters and see the rich marine life beneath the water.

Star gazing. Lie on the sand and watch the bright stars or look for the constellations until you fall asleep.

Kayaking. Some resorts offer kayak rentals for 350 per hour (peak season) and unlimited time on off-season.

Watch the sunrise.


alluring daybreak (c)Chie Oliveros


A different way to capture the sunrise


This is how a day should end (c) Chie Oliveros

Sunset viewing.

Catch that Frisbee. Go run and dive into the sand.


Frisbee action at Calaguas

Explore the community.
Meet and greet with the locals.
Eat delicious bicolano cuisines.
Everything you can think of.


Be a good tourist by not leaving any trace but footprints.

Camp fire or bonfire is prohibited along the shore, so follow the rule to protect the beauty of the place.

‘Til next time Calaguas
3 days at the island. Never enough. If I have the money I would have bought part of the island. For now I need to say goodbye, hopefully when I come back, it will still be peaceful and pristine.

Calaguas Side trip


Cheering for Manny at Mang Boy’s house (c) Chat Sabuero

We left the island on the 3rd of May. Waves are higher unlike our ride going to Calaguas, we reached Paracale at 11am.

The most awaited fight Pacquaio – Mayweather fight is about to start. Thanks to Mang Boy for accommodating us on their humble home. Though Manny didn’t win over Money, he still is of no doubt a fighter and our Filipino’s pride.

Getting there: From Plan A to Plan B

After two weeks of planning, the day has finally arrived. Paracale is the closest gateway to Calaguas, and to get to Paracale it’s either we board a direct trip to it at Superlines Cubao, or ride a Daet-bound bus and get off at Talobatib junction and from there ride a mini bus to Paracale. We settled with the latter.

Paracale is eight hours from Manila but since we settled for plan B we expect additional one hour to our travel time.

We departed Cubao at 12 am and after 10 hours we reached Talobatib junction- the additional two hours were brought by heavy traffic, so we were five hours delayed from our itinerary. From Talobatib, Paracale is less than an hour away and reachable thru tricycle (250 per ride) or mini bus, fare is 25 pesos.

The Boat ride:

Few meters from the market is the fish port where our boatman is waiting. The sea was calm and peaceful.

After almost two hours tanaw na namin ang Mahabang Buhangin.


Calaguas is owned by two primary groups, the LGU and the private owners. Since we arrived late afternoon and it is a holiday, the LGU side is all fully booked. Gladly, one of the private resorts, I Love Calaguas, accommodated us.


Entrance fee is 150 per night while tent rentals is 400 good for four. If you bring your own tent, you have to pay 250 for pitching. For a more comfortable stay, their resort offers cabanas for 3000 good for 6 persons and additional 200 for a mattress, quite a good deal. What i love best about their resort, is the comfort room- unlimited water and well-maintained.

For a more luxurious stay, Waling-Waling Island Resorts offers cabanas and kubol that will fit your liking.

To those who are on a tight budget, LGU side has entrance fee of 100 pesos and tent pitching fee of 100. The only downside is you have to pay 10 pesos for every pail of water.

Tips for the Adventurer:
For those who want to experience Calaguas on their own way here are some tips that may guide you on planning.

Philtranco and Superlines have direct trip to Paracale. Superlines Cubao has two trips to Paracale both at night, 7:30 and 9:00. To avoid hassle, you can reserve a ticket personally, for more information contact them at 4143319.

Bring groceries that you may need, before leaving Paracale, but you can buy fresh meats and fish, on addition, at Paracale market. Alternatively you can buy supplies at the island for a higher price. A small vinegar for example which costs 4 pesos in the city is 12 pesos in the island.

Charging costs 30 pesos, until your battery is fully charged.

There’s no signal on the island, unless you climb the hill.

Suggested Itinerary (2 days 1 night)
Day 0
08:30 pm – assembly Superlines Cubao
09:00 pm – ETD Manila to Paracale

Day 1 – May 1
06:00 am – ETA Paracale (last minute buying)
07:00 am – Paracale to Mahabang Buhangin
09:00 am – ETA Calaguas
10:00 am – prepare lunch
12:00 nn – Lunch
02:00 pm – island hopping
05:30 pm – prepare dinner
06:30 pm – dinner
08:00 pm – Socials
10:00 pm – Lights out

Day 2 – May 2
05:00 am – wake up call
05:30 am – trekking
07:00 am – prepare breakfast
08:00 am – breakfast
*more swimming time*
11:00 am – prepare lunch
12:00 nn – Lunch
01:00 pm – pack up
02:00 pm – ETD Calaguas to Paracale
03:00 pm – ETD Paracale to Daet
04:00 pm – ETD Daet to Cubao
12:00 mn – Home Sweet Home

Contact Me

If you want to have a hassle-free trip to Calaguas, send me an e-mail at Visit this page for the details.


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