11 Things to do at Fortune Island

DISCLAIMER: Rated SPG(Sadyang Pahirapan Gawin)!
The activities listed below are very challenging and may require great time and effort. The author cannot guarantee your safety and cannot be held liable for any damage arising from use or misuse of the below informations. Try it at your own risk.

If you think activities at Fortune island is limited to swimming, snorkeling, trekking and cliff diving, let me prove you wrong. In our recent visit we discovered a new set of challenging To-Do lists while in the island.

1. Touch Makahiya leaves without any one closing (if you find any).

2. Try cliff diving from the Acropolis.


Guess how deep it is.

3. Climb the rocks without rope or harness.


bring umbrella so you won’t get too tan (not effective for me though)

4. Find the mystery plant.


Find it and see for yourself why we tagged it as mysterious plant

5. If you find the mystery plant, then try to eat its seeds. It may look like a coffee bean but it may not taste the same.

6. Restore the wrecked shipwreck replica of galleon San Diego.


double wrecked galleon San Diego replica

7. Push your friend to a cliff and say sorry after.


Sorry pal, don’t worry we’ll just send your last video to your mom.

8. Catch flies and fry all of them. It wouldn’t be hard catching one, there’s a colony there(thanks to responsible individuals who are leaving trash anywhere).

9. Bring squid and act as a Master of Flies.

10. Try ear piercing or better to drain your friends’ blood using bougainvillea thorn.


Beautiful but dangerous. rawwr

11. Remove your calluses with this rock, it can remove even the hardest callus and even the thickest faces.


spiky rocks everywhere

Let’s not limit ourselves with the common activities. Again, try at your own risk. 😛

Wait for a more detailed Fortune Island travel guide, will be posting in a few days.


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