How to Plan your Coron Trip on a Budget


The crystal-clear waters of Kayangan Lake

Ever dreamed of walking on powdery-white sand, dipping in clear blue waters while swimming with the marvelous creatures under the seas of Coron? Daydream no more because you can finally experience this on a budget.

Be warned that this tour is pretty basic, it was nothing fancy but definitely a fun and exciting 4 days of our life.

The first step to save a lot of money on a tour is to arrange your own including transportation, accommodation and itinerary depending on your budget. Coron boat rates are pretty standard and best for large groups but if you’re a solo traveler you may opt to join pre-arranged tours.

Airline Promo Fares
It requires a lot of patience in order to book during a seat sale but you’ll save a lot. Me and my friends started booking from 12 am and finished around 2am (puyatan!). We didn’t get the best schedule but we scored a good deal, our round-trip tickets cost 1100 per person.

Book the cheapest accommodations
We stayed at Casa Montemar for 600 pesos per night with breakfast, it wasn’t grand but just what we need, besides we know will not be staying on our room all day. Plus they also arrange van transfers so you don’t have to worry of getting lost. It is also worth-noting that one of the staffs is really kind and accommodating (i’m just at bad at remembering names :P). Contact number 09083497378.

Travel on large groups
As they say, the more, the merrier, and may I add-the cheaper. But, if you’re a member of #foreveralone group, you can still enjoy Coron by joining group tour packages which includes entrance fee, lunch and boat transfers.

Spend wisely on food
Be sure to buy supplies at the market before leaving and have your boatman cook it (they cook great food), do not over-budget you will not be staying there for long.

Bring your gears
Coron boasts of rich marine life and to fully enjoy it, you need to bring goggles and/or snorkel. There are shops where you can rent snorkel and fins but it is always better to bring your own right?


The most photographed view in Coron

Budget Breakdown



You can opt to skip Banol Beach and have your lunch at CYC beach or Kayangan Lake.

According to our boatman, Coron is also referred to as 100 islands, because almost all tourist sites have 100 or more entrance fee.

So…there you go, I hope you have a great Coron getaway and please do follow the Leave No Trace Principle. Happy vacation!

This is how we rock Coron.


View at Mt.Tapyas

Did I miss something? Feel free to comment your budget travel tips. Thank you for reading, ’til my next post.


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