Hulugan-Talay-Hidden Falls | Budget Travel Guide

It was 2015 when a photo of Hulugan falls circulated online, it was huge, tall and grand. Since then, I’ve always wanted to go to this place but never had a chance until this January.

A two-hour drive through Manila East Road passing by the scenic towns of Antipolo, Teresa, Morong, Baras Tanay and Pililla brought us to Luisiana, Laguna. We were not familiar with the town but we didn’t get lost, all thanks to the big tarpaulin that says “turn right to Hulugan Falls”, you wouldn’t miss it (I hope).

At the information desk we were assigned two guides, the common ratio is 1 guide for 10 persons then we were directed to the Barangay Captain’s house for registration and some briefing .


First Aid station near Hulugan falls

Because we wanted to see all three falls, our guides suggested to go to Talay and Hidden Falls first, saving the best for last and it is easier to trek down to Hulugan than it is to go up.

camp site is 30 minutes away from Hulugan Falls

On our way to Talay falls we passed by the top of Hulugan Falls, but it was too late when I learned about it so I wasn’t able to take a photo 😦 .

The trail was muddy and slippery that it took us an hour (or so) to reach Talay Falls, the average time would have been 30 minutes. They said we were lucky that we have a clear weather that day because it was raining days before our trip.

Sorry for the blurred photo, I was trying to take a long exposure of the falls without a tripod (*HAHA).

Just at the back of Talay Falls is Hidden Falls, true to its name it was really hiding behind boulders and one must rappel in order to see this beauty. I didn’t bring my SLR when I went here because our guide told me that it might get wet and he’s right, though I still wish I brought my camera.

Hidden Falls (my action camera being covered with some mist)

After another hour of trekking we’ve reached the main course-Hulugan falls. The moment I first saw it, I was in awe-it was beautiful in every angle and by far my fave.

The mighty Hulugan Falls

Make sure to waterproof your belongings because it was drizzling, even from afar.

On a sunny day, around noon time, a rainbow appears at the basin of Hulugan falls and in the late afternoon the rainbow’s position changes creating a beautiful vertical arc.

We found the end of the rainbow. Yay!

04:00 am – meet up at Cubao
04:30 am – ETD Cubao to Laguna
06:30 am – Pililla Windmills
07:30 am – breakfast/registration
08:00 am – start trek to hulugan falls
09:00 am – ETA Talay/Hidden
12:00 nn – Lunch
01:30 pm – ETA Hulugan Falls
03:30 pm – Back to registration area/wash up
04:00 pm – ETD Laguna to Cubao
07:00 pm – ETA Cubao

Shower – 15 pesos
Registration – 20 pesos
Guide – up to you but please be reasonable
Transportation – around 360 pesos if commuting

How to get There
via Private Transportation
1. Take SLEX and exit in Calamba, stay on the National Highway and continue to Pagsanjan-Cavinti Rd. Before reaching Cavinti Town Proper turn right to Cavinti-Luisiana Rd. until you see the tarpaulin of Hulugan Falls.

2. From Antipolo take the Manila East Road that will pass by Teresa, Morong, Baras, Tanay, Pililla then straight to National Highway and continue to Pagsanjan-Cavinti Rd., turn right to Cavinti-Luisiana Rd. until you see the tarpaulin of Hulugan Falls.

via Public Transportation
Take a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna (140 pesos) then ride a jeepney going to Lucena and alight at Brgy. San Salvador (30 pesos, advise the driver to drop you off at San Salvador/Hulugan falls jump-off). Tricycle ride from the registration area to the start of trail is 10 pesos.

*wear trekking sandals
*waterproof your gadgets
*There are eateries near the registration area where you can buy your lunch
*Best time to visit is from December to February because there are less chances of rain and the water in the falls is still strong.

The bonus if you’re taking the Manila E Rd. A side trip to Pililla Windmills.

As always, please observe leave no trace policy and be a responsible tourist. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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