Mt. Paliparan + Nagpatong Travel Guide

Being a beach lover makes climbing mountains a whole new adventure (not to mention tiring). But I felt the eagerness to go ever since I saw a photo of Nagpatong rock formation on a Facebook post. As John Muir’s famous line say “the mountains are calling, and I must go”, and I did.

While planning about the climb, finding the location of the barangay hall was the most difficult job since I can’t search it in Google maps. I zoomed in to every corner just to find its exact location (HAHAHA), and here is the result of my effort (LOL).


directions to barangay hall

The barangay hall serves us the registration area for those who will climb Nagpatong and Paliparan.

Nagpatong rock formation can be reached two hours from the jump-off,  it is recommended to start the climb at 4 AM to witness the sea of clouds and sunrise at the top; plus it will be a beautiful backdrop.

The trail was easy, but going to the top of the rock was quite an adventure, we have to pass carefully on the edge of the rock, one mistake and we’ll say goodbye to the world.


My knees were shaking just seeing this


Please don’t tell my mom I was here


My knees were trembling in fear while watching them but I had to gather myself. A rope is assembled at the critical point and our guides were very helpful so all of us were able to get to the top safely. Kudos!

The descent back to the jumpoff took us an hour and half. We had a quick break then started the trek to Paliparan.

The trail going to Mt. Paliparan is mostly covered with towering cogon grass that left some cuts (well I was wearing a T-shirt) and itch over my face and arms.


Our first stop – Tunghayan

It took us three hours to reach the summit with some rock scrambling. For those who wish to stay overnight, there’s also a camping ground near the peak.

My models at the top of Mt. Paliparan

Sidetrips include Taguan Cave, Dumagat Community at Tuoy and Tungtong Falls, however, we were only able to explore Tungtong Falls due to lack of time.

Going back to the barangay hall we trekked across the river (ankle-deep) and traversed Tungtong falls but only until the first level. We had to skip the most difficult part – rock climbing, since we’re all tired and it’s almost dark.


Tungtong falls level 1

How to get to Mt. Brgy Cuyambay Tanay Rizal

via Private Transportation
Type-in Pico de Pino cafe and restaurant on google maps or similar apps, that will serve as your landmark. If you’re coming from Cogeo you will see at your right the welcome arc of Brgy Cuyambay and a waiting shed, just before Pico de Pino Restaurant. Turn right, and follow the concrete road until you reach a sign that directs you to the barangay hall.

via Public Transportation
If you’re coming from Cubao, ride a Cogeo-bound jeepney or FX.
From Cogeo, ride another jeep bound to Sampaloc, Tanay and drop off at Pico de Pino restaurant or the welcome arc of Brgy. Cuyambay. From there, ride a habal-habal or a tricycle going to the barangay hall.

Mt. Paliparan + Tungtong Falls
Guide fee – 500 for a group of five
Registration fee – 100/pax

Nagpatong + Mt. Paliparan + Tungtong Falls
Guide fee – 750 for a group of five
Registration fee – 100/pax


  • Bring enough water and food. There are no stores along the trail of Mt. Paliparan
  • Bring first aid kit
  • Wear leggings and long sleeves or bring an arm guard, grasses along the trail gave us a hard time and left cuts on my arms.

  • Bring gloves, though it’s not necessary but it’s good to have a pair. The rocks in Tanay are really sharp.
  • Pack light
  • Bring poncho
  • If you have queries contact @mtpaliparanph on facebook, they are very responsive
  • There’s a camping ground at Mt. Paliparan
  • Nagpatong – Paliparan – Tungtong Falls traverse can be done in a day but I would recommend to do Paliparan – Tungtong Falls only since the trail is quite long and to be able to explore Tungtong falls and Dumagat Community.  Then do Nagpatong – Masungki traverse on a different day.

Sample Itinerary

03:00 AM: Meet up at KFC Shopwise, Cubao
04:00 AM: ETD Cubao to Cuyambay
05:30 AM: ETA Brgy.Cuyambay; Orientation/secure guide
6:30 AM: Start Trek to Nagpatong Rocks
7:30 AM: ETA to Nagpatong Rocks
8:30 AM: Start Descent
10:30 AM: Back to Brgy. Cayumbay
11:00 AM: Start Trek to Mt. Paliparan
12:00 PM: Lunch
02:00 PM: Summit
02:30 PM: Start Descent going to Tungtong Falls
03:30 PM: Tungtong Falls, Swimming
05:00 PM: ETA to Jump Off
06:00 PM: Wash
07:00 PM: ETD to Cubao
09:00 PM: ETA Cubao

If you’re wondering how our photo at Nagpatong was taken, the answer is below.

As a closing note, I would like to remind everyone to always practice leave no trace.


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